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Innovative Products and Outstanding Service

Whether you run a small or mid-size business or you're responsible for procuring and managing power for a Fortune 500 national account, energy is one of your largest recurring expenses.

Ligero Energy can help you lower and stabilize your energy cost and manage it in a manner that is consistent with your operational needs.

The result can yield significant benefits...including lowering expenses, freeing dollars for other business purposes or increasing bottom line profits.

Our portfolio of innovative products provides significant advantages in lowering costs, increasing budget certainty and adding flexibility and control when compared to the offerings of both traditional utilities and other competitive retailers.

And since your current Transmission and Distribution Utility, or "local wires company" continues to deliver energy to your business, still reads your meters, still responds to any service interruptions and continues to maintain the poles and wires as well, there is absolutely no risk in Ligero Energy finding you and energy alternative.

Small and Mid-Size Businesses

Ligero Energy understands that your energy is one of your largest recurring expenses. That's why we've created products specifically to help businesses like yours lower and stabilize energy costs. Choosing one of our innovative energy plans can yield significant business benefits...including freeing dollars for other business needs and providing budget certainty over time. Learn more about customized products for small and mid-size business.

National Accounts

The experienced Ligero Energy Team understands the market rules, tariffs and transmission structures in open markets and will develop an energy management plan that works best for your specific requirements. Working with you as your energy consultant we provide a unique combination of knowledge, financial stability, innovation and diversity supply to support your energy procurement and management needs. Learn more about customized products for national accounts.

Government and Institutional Customers

Ligero Energy is highly experienced in serving the unique and challenging requirements of local, state and national government entities. Our team can help you manage your energy needs for hundreds of meters...cost effectively...while increasing your spending with a diversity supplier. Learn more about customized products for government and institutional customers.

Residential Customers

In many deregulated states, residential customers have the opportunity to choose their retail energy supplier. Much like the deregulation of telephone service more than two decades ago, the deregulation of energy gives consumers the ability to shop for their energy supply service and choose the provider whose products, prices and services are best suited to their needs.

Ligero Energy, a leading broker in large commercial, government and small to mid-sized business markets, has recently expanded to offer low-cost, reliable energy supply and outstanding customer care to residential customers.  Learn more about customized products for residential customers.